8 Ways to Burn Calories Naturally

Our ancestors moved more than us and burned calories naturally without even thinking about it. They had fewer opportunities to sit for hours at a desk, in front of the television or at the computer. They had more opportunities to walk and practice all kinds of physical activities. People who were overweight or obese belonged to the privileged classes, who gave all the physical activities to the less privileged classes. A sedentary lifestyle is a major factor in weight gain. Here are 8 ways to address this by burning calories naturally, without completely reverting back to an 18th century lifestyle.

1. Gardening

Playing sports at home is easy if you decide to spend a little time each week, but did you know you can burn an average of 352 Kcal per hour while gardening? This is one of the most effective activities in nature to avoid sedentary life. In addition, for some, this is one of the few opportunities to get some fresh air.

Mowing the lawn is especially good at burning calories, at up to 390 Kcal/hour. Clearing the snow with the shovel can burn you 422 Kcal/hour.

2. Playing with children

Give your children good habits by limiting the amount of time they spend in front of the television or computer, and take advantage of this rule by burn some extra calories yourself. A game of hide-and-seek, a family football game… you can burn between 140 and 175 Kcal in 30 minutes.

3. Cleaning the house

If you clean up for an hour, you burn almost as many calories as the average overweight person would burn with a novice jog.

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Make sure you have a perfectly clean house: you can burn almost 350 kcal. A single half hour of ironing can burn more than 100 Kcal, and vacuuming or mopping even more!

4. DIY/Decorating

You can practice gymnastics at home, getting even more satisfying results if you include some elements of cardio.

However, if you are too busy to set aside the time to do this, you can combine it with items on you to-do list. Need to do some decorating? Painting walls or furniture can make you burn more than 300 kcal per hour, same if you put up wallpaper. Dismantling and mounting furniture. and especially moving it, burns a lot of calories: more than 400 Kcal/hour.

5. Laughing

It is estimated that 30 minutes of laughter can burn close to 100 kcal, which is just under 30 minutes of gentle gym or a short series of slimming circuit exercises. It's also excellent at combating anxiety, which, as we know, can cause us to adopt habits which make us gain weight!

6. Shopping

A person of normal body weight is considered to burn about 150 to 200 kcal/hour while shopping, and possibly more when shopping outside of the supermarket/mall.

7. Washing the car

Take good care of your car. By thoroughly cleaning for an hour, you can almost burn 500 kcal which is almost equivalent to an hour of rowing.

8. Walking

30 minutes of walking at a fast pace (5 to 6 km/h) can allow you to burn 120 to 150 Kcal. Do not miss an opportunity to move on foot, and see how fast you can go to burn even more calories.

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