4 Tips to Start a Diet When You Have a Lot of Weight to Lose

If your weight loss target is to lose more than 10, 20, or even 30 kg, it is certainly not easy – even if you are very motivated.

One issue is that for many of us, this is not our first attempt at losing weight, and the memory of your last failure can hold you back. If we have a lot of bad habits to bust, thinking that we have to change everything in our lifestyle can be a little overwhelming. Here is our advice:

1. Focus on one bad habit

If you want your diet to last a long time, try focusing on one bad habit at a time. Many people expect to be able to change all of their habits overnight, which is a risky attitude.

When a problem is resolved, go to the next one. With some bad eating habits, a single change in your diet can make you lose a lot of weight in a short time, especially if you have many pounds to lose.

Is your evening meal too rich? Do you eat between meals? Do you use too much fat for cooking? Do you skip breakfast? Start by removing an obstacle and note how much weight it makes you lose after ten days.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised.

2. Eat less, but also eat better

Many people consistently decide to start a diet by trying to eat less.

While eating less is an obvious way of reducing your calorie intake, especially if you know you overeat, this is not the only way to achieve weight loss. You should also be giving priority to "good calories" – those that come from satiating foods that your body will know what to do with, rather than storing them as fat.

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Eating less is not the solution if you do not eat better. Also, if you are always hungry you are much more likely to give up on your diet.

3. Do not think about your diet all the time

It is natural to think a lot about what you eat when you have just started a diet, but if it becomes an obsession you are more likely to fail.

Find yourself a good anti-stress sport or get started in a new activity that really makes you happy. You must take your mind off it so as not to fall into the trap of impatience and frustration.

Sport is obviously a great way to lose weight more easily, as well as distracting you. Endurance sport, cardio, or gentler physical activity will benefit you greatly, and not just in weight loss.

If you don't feel ready for exercise, any other distracting activity can still help.

4. Reward yourself

During a diet, especially at the beginning, we are more likely to punish ourselves than to offer ourselves rewards.

But recognizing your efforts is extremely important, so think about what you could do to celebrate a flawless week of dieting.

This can be a food reward like visiting your favorite bakery, or inviting a friend to a restaurant. You have to know how to reward your efforts to continue enjoying life, because a diet should not be a form of torture!

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