10 Modern Habits That Lead to Obesity

Around the world, about 500 million people have been diagnosed with obesity. This disease arises from a variety of causes, not only those that relate to the love of unhealthy food. In this article, you will learn about 10 habits that can quickly lead to excess weight.

1. Having meals alone

Experts have proven that regular meals together with the household prevent the appearance of extra pounds. When close people gather in a family environment, a cozy home atmosphere promotes healthier eating habits. If children prefer to eat alone, they eat 25% more harmful food than those who regularly eat with their parents at the same table.

2. Combining food and TV

Watching TV or sitting in front of the computer monitor forces a person to consume larger portions, as well as coffee in large quantities. A person is distracted by something interesting and just does not notice how much and what they ate and drank. Therefore, it is better not to combine these two activities, but to find the time and opportunity to enjoy the food, slowly and in full awareness of what and how much you eat.

3. Late eating

If a person works on a computer or performs any other work duties till night, such a habit contributes to a change in metabolism and excess weight. In fact, our body is supposed to sleep at night, while eating is for the day time. If you work at night, the physiological cycle begins to be disrupted, and the energy consumption decreases during the day. However, if you are forced to do this, then reduce the amount of servings or the daily rate of calories.

4. Lack of sleep

This is another reason for weight gain. The lesser your sleep, the greater your weight, since sleep plays a significant role in energy metabolism. If a person does not get enough sleep, then their body, trying to support wakefulness, begins to demand more food.

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5. Bad environment

If you live in an environmentally unfavorable area, this may be another reason for weight gain. Pollutants begin to accumulate in adipose tissue, penetrating inside through meat and other fatty foods.

6. Spending your free time in front of the TV

What matters is how you spend your free time. If you watch TV two to three hours every day, the risk of obesity increases by about 25%. Some even leave the TV on while they sleep, as artificial light helps to lower their level of melatonin, with a negative impact. Reduction of this hormone, whose function is to protect the body from metabolic disorders, leads not only to a set of extra pounds, but also to diseases like diabetes.

7. Eating fat-free foods

When choosing products with a high and low fat content, choose the first option, as they are more nourishing than fat-free ones, resulting in the risk of weight problems being reduced. In addition, nutritionists say that products that, according to advertisements, have less fat, are in fact much more caloric.

8. Eating fast food

Fast food is, of course, convenient, but there's not much useful in such food for your body. Therefore, limit the consumption of harmful snacks, replacing them with useful ones, and, if you like fast food, then eat it no more than once a week.

9. Drinking soda

Carbonated sweet water contains a lot of sugar, preservatives and other harmful substances. The more sweet water you drink, the more weight you gain.

10. Lack of physical activity

Our body is made in a way that, if it is not trained, it gradually loses its shape, slenderness and mobility. Therefore, you need to do what you like and what supports your body shape in any form. It can be running, swimming, dancing, long walks, cycling, yoga or going to the gym and many more options.

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