The 5 Worst Foods for Your Health

The food industry does not lack imagination, and continually invents products always more surprising… and irresistible. It is important for us to check the labels to be aware of their ingredients, as some of these foods should not be consumed too frequently.

They are many culprits, but we have noted the 5 worst health foods that people often forget about:

1. Processed meat

Meat is often preserved by using copious amounts of salt, which can also be used to fix the color. Particular processed products to look out for are: pâté, sausages, smoked ham etc. These should not be consumed every day.

Salt is suspected of being carcinogenic in high doses, and has been linked to diabetes and some cancers, including colon cancer.

These processed foods, which are becoming even more common, should therefore be eaten with caution for the sake of your cardiovascular health.

2. Viennese pastries

Pastries such as croissants and buns are brimming with ingredients that are bad for your health.

In particular, there is a large amount of wheat gluten, palm oil and fructose-glucose syrup, as well as milk proteins, dyes, flavors and emulsifiers. The entirety of these treats is most often synthetic.

The fat and sugar content of these industrial bakery products is also very high.

These are therefore foods that should be indulged in from time to time, no more than once a week. They certainly should not be eaten every day.

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3. Chicken nuggets (and other breaded meats)

In addition to being made, most of the time, from the less good chicken pieces, the nuggets way in which they are produced leads them to be highly unhealthy in two ways. Which is worse?

Is it the fact that the least good pieces of chicken are crushed (including the skin) to create a mysterious substance before being cooked to the consistency we are familiar with?

Or is it the breadcrumbs or batter that surrounds the mix, and generally makes up more than 50% of the product's composition?

There are different quality levels in the chicken nuggets you can buy, and you should always read the label. However, they are very rarely part of a healthy dish!

4. Powdered soups

Powdered soups are very convenient and appreciated by people who do not have much time to cook. But they are extremely salty, containing much more salt than the recommended daily intake.

And salt isn't the only additive in these soups. It's definitely not a good idea to eat them every day.

5. Breakfast cereals

In early 2014, an American study showed that cereals for children are generally much too sweet. The dose of sugar would be so high that eating a bowl of some cereals is like swallowing up to 10 servings of sugar.

Adult cereals, almost half as sweet in general, are still some of the worst health foods. Most of the time, they contain carbohydrates composed of more than 50% sugar and lipids composed of more than 30% saturated fatty acids.

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