9 Tips to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sports Session

Doing sports is good for your health. Its beneficial effects can, however, still be improved by putting into practice some tricks, before, during or after. In this article, we'll cover 9 of them.

1. Hydrate yourself well

Dehydration of only 2% reduces physical capacity by 20%. It is, therefore, essential that the body remains hydrated during exercise. Drinking small sips regularly without waiting for the feeling of thirst and doing so before, during and after the workout will prolong your capacity.

In addition to that, good hydration reduces aches and the risk of tendinitis.

2. Have a high-protein diet

Proteins are the main fuel of the muscles. To develop muscle mass faster or burn more calories, it is necessary to add protein to the menu.

They are found primarily in meats, eggs, dairy products, fish and legumes. The diet must be balanced and not contain only proteins, since they can cause kidney problems and/or cardiovascular disorders.

3. Make the most of your workout

The goal of an effective sports session: do more in less time. Cardio is of much help here. On the other hand, physical fitness should be excellent and the training progressive. Hoping to run 10km in 45 minutes without having donned your sneakers for a long time is risky for your health.

When exercising, you must be able to hold a conversation. If you cannot do this, the intensity of the exercise is not adapted to your physical condition.

4. Wisely choose your snacks

Eating a chocolate bun as a snack, with the pretext that you are going to the gym, is not necessarily a good idea. Since carbohydrates are important, because they are a great source of energy, they should not be chosen blindly.

Bananas are an excellent snack just before a sports session, thanks to their richness in potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates.

5. Do sports in the morning

The morning is the best time to get your body moving: between 6:00 am and 8:00 am, the hormones, secreted en masse, promote exchanges and eliminate more fat in circulation.

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If the body is fasting, that is even better, but it may lead to a hypoglycemia crisis…

6. Choose a sport that you like

To maximize results, you must be up to the task. But effort can only be put in if the exercise is done seriously and on a regular basis.

To stay invested and motivated, it is better to choose a physical activity that you like. Your choice, before anything else, is, therefore, very important. Getting a subscription to the pool only to realize after 3 sessions that you are not very comfortable in the water will make your training unpleasant and ineffective…

7. Work all of your muscles

Without necessarily varying sports practices, it is possible to work different groups of muscles during each session of the same physical activity. In swimming, it is advisable, for example, to alternate the breaststroke and the back crawl to work the abdominals, and then the dorsal muscles.

If you do indoor sports, it is advisable to vary the training circuits or to do exercises that work different muscle groups at the same time.

8. Make a final big push

In order to maximize a sporting session, it is necessary to increase and intensify your effort input over a very short period of time. Even if it lasts only a few seconds, the already heated muscles will burn more than at the beginning of the session.

The mind must be ready, because by increasing the intensity of the exercise while fatigued, the pain felt requires physical, as well as psychological resistance.

9. Recover well

Recovery is key to a well-conducted sports session. The body must be able to rest after physical effort in order to "repair" any imbalances.

Returning to a state of calm is, indeed, paramount. If the body remains "on the alert," relaxation and recovery will be impossible, which will prevent the muscles from relaxing and recovering properly. This will make the next session less effective.

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