5 Tips to Strengthen Your Back

Back pain is mostly due to a muscle weakness. By performing a few targeted exercises, you will quickly strengthen your back and your pain will disappear.

Do you have back pain? Exercise and build your muscles! But which workouts really work? Discover simple and effective exercises to build your back muscles at home.

1. Backpacking exercise

This cladding exercise helps to strengthen the para-vertebral muscles and those of the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings). Starting on your hands and knees, stretch one leg back and the opposite arm straight in front of you to get the arm/body/leg aligned.

Be careful not to raise your leg higher than the pelvis! Remember to tuck your stomach and contract your glutes to keep your back straight. Hold the position without moving for 20 seconds then switch sides, repeat the exercise 3 times.

2. Exercise to strengthen the lower back

This exercise uses the para-vertebral muscles and effectively strengthens the lumbar area, the lower back. This is particularly effective for preventing or treating low back pain, but is more difficult than the previous exercise, so is therefore suitable for people with minimal training. Just bring a cushion.

Lying on your stomach resting on a cushion, arms and legs stretched, take off the trunk and both legs and strongly contract your glutes. Then make small beats with the legs and arms for 20 seconds then release. Keep a balanced "thigh-pelvis-trunk" segment throughout the exercise without accentuating the lumbar curvature. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

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3. Exercise to strengthen the upper back

Unlike the previous exercise which is more focused on muscle strengthening in the lumbar region, this movement mainly strengthens the upper back (upper back and trapezius muscles).

For this exercise you need a resistance band, which you should fix it to a wall support (door handle, staircase, stair rail, etc.). Then stand up, legs slightly bent, back straight and abs contracted, grasp the ends of the elastic in each hand and pull, elbows at shoulder height, to bring your shoulder blades close to each other. Repeat the movement 20 times thinking of blowing while pulling.

4. More difficult exercises to strengthen the back

The deadlift

More general bodybuilding movement that also focuses on the hamstrings and glutes, the deadlift is a very effective exercise to strengthen the back, especially the lumbar area. It is advisable to execute this movement under the guidance of a professional at first, without using heavy loads.

Traction exercises

Back traction exercise can promote the strengthening of the spine, but also trapezius and rhomboid muscles. This exercise also helps to strengthen the biceps. Depending on the positions you practice, different movements of traction can vary the muscular work.

Back stretching

In conjunction with these exercises that build the back muscles, it is also recommended to perform regular stretching of the back.

5. Sports to strengthen the back

Beyond the exercises suggested in this article, you should know that many sports activities can strengthen the back naturally:

  • swimming, especially backstroke;
  • rowing;
  • nordic walking;
  • the elliptical bike;
  • dance;
  • gymnastics;
  • pilates;
  • yoga;
  • climbing.
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