How to get Lean and Ripped Stylish Body

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts dream of developing a well aesthetic physique and stylish body shape.  Many bodybuilding professionals and fitness trainers provide various programs about  “ How to get Ripped”. However, no trainer, supplement or bodybuilder has the magic formula for getting the perfectly ripped physique. Getting a lean body with six packs is not about specific bodybuilding program or a nutritional diet as is widely presented in the mainstream media.  On the contrary, a lean body is a unique result of combining a good workout plan, proper diet and good lifestyle and mathematics.

1. Water

The first and foremost is to drink plenty of water. Although it may seem obvious, in fact, not many people are aware of the benefits of drinking water. The first element is that the water is crucial to hydrate the internal components of the body. For example, lower intake of water will result in higher storage of water in the body. However, if the body gets used to receiving high amounts of water, it will not store and will release the liquids. The result will be significantly fewer fluids in the body thus creating a perfect platform for the body to lean evenly on all parts
2. Fitness Diet
The second imperative element for getting a lean body is to include a proper diet. Having a diet that is based on a high protein intake can optimize the development of your body. Protein is known to create the unique feeling of fullness. Also, a high protein diet is a crucial element for initiating the process of fat loss. Consuming the needed daily amount of protein is important aspect since it has the role to repair the muscle cells after workouts which will result in significant muscle growth. The daily recommendation is to have a steady intake of protein every 3 to 4 hours spread throughout the day.

3.Healthy Lifestyle

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An important puzzle in the formula for building a lean muscle is the lifestyle habits. It is crucial that you have at least a 7 hours of sleep every night on a daily basis. Having enough sleep can be the catalyst for improving your power and strength levels. Also, it can generate enough rest thus optimizing your exercise levels. Another element that can have an impact is the level of stress. It is well documented that chronic stress is known to generate the hormone cortisol. This element can have a negatively impact on the muscle cells which in turn will slow down the process of getting ripped.

4.Cardio, Cardio, Cardio.

Cardio workouts are an integral part of getting that lean body shape.  A few cardio sessions during the week can result in burning fat while still keeping the muscle mass. Another benefit is that it can be good for the heart. It can increase the endurance levels. Many bodybuilders do cardio in order to recover from weight training more quickly. All these advantages make the Cardio a key component of any lean body fitness plan.

5.Mathematics, Tracking, and Calculations

The first imperative element is to measure your body composition and monitor it on weekly basis. This includes comparing various different aspects. Yet to get ripped, it is crucial to focus on the muscle and body fat percentage. The universal formula is to eat fewer calories from what your body burns during the day. It is a simple concept which enables the body to burn the fat in order to compensate for the calorie shortages.
On a final note, getting that lean and ripped body is not an easy task and it requires the high level of motivation, dedication and constant effort. It is a complex journey with a few setbacks and challenges along the way. Nevertheless, if you stay motivated and follow the proper directions mentioned above, then you will be on the right path to get that lean ripped body physique.


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