4 Old School Strategies for Building Muscles.

Many bodybuilders tend to try different workout plans, diets and supplements in order to reach the ultimate goal of building muscle mass. Today, in the fitness industry there are a broad concept, plans, and programs that promote themselves as the best pathway towards building the perfect body physique. However, one formula that is somewhat forgotten is the old school style of bodybuilding. In this article, we will analyze the 5 main workout strategies of the old school bodybuilders from the 90’s.


Start with the hardest Exercises.

Many bodybuilders tend to start with the hardest exercises. However, throughout the workout, the fatigue kicks in many athletes tend to slow down during the later stages of the workout. For example, if you do your deadlifts last, you will not have enough strength compared with doing this valuable exercise at the beginning of the training session.


Always Challenge Yourself

The second notable element is to always find a new challenge in the Gym.  Humans are creatures of habit, we tend to get used to our daily activities and get into the comfort zone. The same applies to bodybuilding. Many people tend to create a habit of doing the same exercises in the gym or following the same pattern every day. That is why, it is imperative to often switch the exercises, to try something new and mix the machines and weights. That will confuse the muscles and will prompt a growth.

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Always go for the Free Weights

In today’s bodybuilding industry, many gyms and fitness centers tend to incorporate into more machines as possible. In the same time, many users tend to go for the “easy option” by using machines for their exercises. Doing the exercises with free weights is harder which is the primary reason for using free weights instead of machines. Of course, not every exercise can be done with free weights. Also sometimes you may suffer an injury that can limit your workouts to machines only. However, when you have the option to choose, always go for the free weights!


Go for the Pump

Training for the pump is an old concept but still present in the fitness industry. The pump of metabolic stress is one of the main elements that can cause muscle growth. It can initiate a protein synthesis by empowering the testosterone levels.

On a conclusive note, it is safe to say that the old school bodybuilders did not have the resources that we have today. However, their hard work and dedication combined with the steps mentioned above resulted in great achievements. There is no reason why we can’t have the same results. By following these simple steps we can get on the right track with great results in the gym.

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